Thursday, November 21, 2013

Allegiant literary terms

It smells like summer, like grass  baking in the heat of the sun. pg 88
What this statement means is that Tris wanted it to be like summer again where she had good memories.

A week into my initiation, Amar- worried I was becoming increasingly isolated and obsessive-invited me to join some of the older Dauntless for a game of dare. pg 138
What this means is that Tobias often thought back to the old days of his life to find good memories when life was confusing.

I understand, then, why she holds it like a magical object. pg 160
Tobias understands that the object that Tris is holding contains some of the last material about her mother.

First Person Point of View
I nod and blink the tears away. pg 190
Tris is feeling said because of what she just read about her mother.

It was buzzing around the room when I woke up. pg 204
The information about Marcus was buzzing around the dorm in the morning.

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